Two Food Bloggers Convinced Us an Air Fryer Could Replace Our Oven

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Meet the women behind the @AirFryerAddicts Instagram account

The pandemic has sent us into the kitchen to stir up everything from big-batch banana bread to TikTok’s viral pasta recipe. And the kitchen tool now stealing the hearts of home cooks is the air fryer, a countertop convection oven that delivers crispy deep-fried flavor — without the oil. 

For Kara Shilalie and Regina Chaperon — the duo behind Instagram’s @AirFryerAddicts — the mighty air fryer has inspired recipes and tips that have attracted 120K followers on Instagram. Both women are 7th grade teachers based outside of Boston who “teach by day and air fry by night,” says Regina. 

The duo launched their Instagram account in 2018 after their teacher friends began requesting their recipes. Scroll through Air Fryer Addicts and you’ll find everything from a spicy honey garlic cauliflower recipe to pointers on hard boiling eggs (yes, in an air fryer!)

What’s the appeal? Convenience, ease and speed. Unlike an oven, an air fryer preheats quickly, it’s versatile, and it can deliver a perfectly cooked New York Strip in minutes. We talked to Kara and Regina about their favorite air-fryer models and the most unexpected foods they pop in them.

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