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Bosch Serie 4 Condenser Tumble Dryer 8 Kg Silver Inox


Our condensation dryer. Crease-resistant and especially gentle to your laundry. Surprisingly quiet at the same time.

AntiVibration Design: extremely stable and especially quiet thanks to special vibration protection.

SensitiveDrying System: the unique drum structure protects and delivers a particular drying performance without creases.

ComfortDisplay: easy orientation and usability thanks to a big display.

Noise Level: pleasantly quiet at GERAEUSCH_TROCKNEN_DB dB.

Display for time remaining: you always know when your laundry will be dry.

Specially quiet and durable.

The innovative AntiVibration side walls are specially designed to provide more stability and optimally reduce vibration.The enhanced insulation also regulates noise levels, making Bosch dryers specially quiet even for an undisturbed night‚s sleep.

Down Drying

Special drying program for down

Bosch Serie 6 Condenser Tumble Dryer 9 Kg Silver Inox


Engine power/Consumption

Full load: 9 kg

Dryer type: Condenser

Energy efficiency class: B

Energy consumption 616.0 kWh per year, based on 160 drying cycles of the standard cotton programme at full and partial load, and the consumption of the low-power modes. Actual energy consumption per cycle will depend on how the appliance is used

Energy consumption of the standard cotton programme at full load 5.23 kWh and energy consumption of the standard cotton programme at half load 2.77 kWh

Power consumption in off-mode 0.1 W and in left-on mode 0.75 W

The programme Cotton cupboard dry used at full and partial load is the standard drying programme to which the information in the label and the fiche relates, this programme is suitable for drying normal wet cotton laundry and is the most efficient programme in terms of energy consumption for cotton.

Weighted programme time of the standard cotton programme at full and partial load: 110 min.

Programme time of the standard cotton programme at full load 150 min and programme time of the standard cotton programme at partial load 80 min.

Condensation efficiency class B on a scale from G (least efficient) to A (most efficient).

Average condensation efficiency of the standard cotton programme at full load 88 % and average condensation efficiency of the standard cotton programme at partial load 88 %.

Weighted condensation efficiency for the standard cotton programme at full and partial load: 88 %.

Noise level: 64 dB (A) re 1 pW


Special programmes: Woollens, Mixed Load, Time program warm, Time program cold, Sportswear, downs clothes, Super 40, Shirts 15


Anti crease cycle 120 min at the end of the programme

Touch control buttons: Low Heat, Buzzer, Reduced Ironing, 24 h Ready in

Comfort and Safety

Fully electronic control dial for sensor programmes and timed programmes

soft dial

Large LED-Display for remaining time and 24 h end time delay, programme status indication, special functions.

Sensitive Drying System: Big Stainless steel drum with textile care structure, soft design paddles

Protection filter for condensor


Child Lock

Buzzer to indicate the end of cycle

Pull-Open latch

Door hinge: right-hand

Container for condensed water

General Information

Dimensions (H x W x D): 84.2 x 59.8 x 59.9 cm


Siemens iQ700 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer 9 kg WT47XKH1ZA


No more filter cleaning after every cycle - intelligentCleaning system

With other dryers, filters need to be cleaned after every cycle. With the intelligentCleaning system, maintenance efforts are reduced to a minimum: With every drying cycle, fluff is transported to the bottom of the appliance via airflow and caught in a depot. Intelligent sensors automatically detect, when the depot needs emptying and set off the Depot Clean Alarm - which happens after roughly every 20th cycle.

Your tumble dryer listens to you - Voice Control.

Thanks to partnering with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, your tumble dryer can be controlled by voice as well. Please find out, if the relevant ‚ÄúHome Connect‚ skill within the Alexa app or the ‚ÄúHome Connect‚ service within the Google Home app is available for your country & language. Activate the respective skill/service to establish the connection between the voice assistant and your home appliance. Once connected, you have access to multiple voice commands for your tumble dryer.

Access and control your dryer, no matter where you are - Home Connect App (Android and iOS).

The world of technological innovation constantly progresses. Step by step, more appliances become more connected and intelligent. With Wi-Fi-enabled Siemens home appliances and Home Connect, this development finally makes its way into your home. The synergy of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, intelligent software and an intuitive app offers a wide range of options. While some ease the workload and some open up completely new possibilities, all of them make everyday life as efficient and comfortable as never before. And you can spend more time on the things you like. For a life less ordinary.

Save time with the fast dryers from Siemens - speedPack

The integrated speedPack guarantees fast drying times in all drying programmes.

Dries gently and precisely: autoDry.

To prevent overheating of the laundry or uneven drying, sensors precisely measure and control the temperature and moisture. Your laundry is thus dried especially gently and precisely - with reduced energy consumption and ironing time. Perfect.

Especially gentle on special fibres: the Outdoor drying programme.

Functional textiles need gentle handling, even while drying. Glued seams are especially sensitive to heat. That‚s why the outdoor-wear drying progamme maintains a low, constant temperature.


The first 40-minute drying programme from Siemens: Rapid 40.

Laundry washed with the Rapid 15 wash programme will be perfectly dry in only 40 minutes thanks to optimised temperature control and a customised cool-down phase.

Drying from cashmere to trainers: the wool/shoe basket.

The wool/shoe basket is securely hooked into the machine in a horizontal position and does not rotate with the drum. Gentle and uniform distribution of the warm air means that a thick woollen pullover is dry in two hours at most.

Optimal illuminated interior - LED drum light

The LED drum light turns on when the appliance has been switched on, after opening and closing the door and when the dryer programme starts. The lights switch off automatically to save energy.

Drying that is especially soft and gentle: softDry drum system.

This unique drum system ensures a constant airflow and stable temperature. The wave-like paddles stir the warm air, distributing the laundry more gently and efficiently than previously possible. The new, gentle-wash drum structure allows the laundry to glide over the drum as if floating on a cushion of air.

Fast and careful drying of small loads – Rapid 40

The Rapid 40 programme carefully dries small loads (1 kg) of laundry in just 40 minutes while moisture levels are constantly measured during the drying process. This is ideal for synthetic fibres, light cotton or mixed fabrics (non-sensitive textiles). When used in conjunction with the super 15‚ wash programme, you can have a freshly laundered outfit in under an hour.