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The world’s first breakfast set made with 100% Bio-based plastics* from used cooking oil. A better planet starts with a better breakfast, thanks to Philips.

*Main body made from 100% PP plastic from used cooking oil and other plant waste, certified on a mass-balance basis. (BioPP is up to 94% of total plastic).

Each appliance in the Eco Conscious Edition is composed entirely of bio-based plastics* derived from used plant cooking oil. After being used in kitchens, the oil is carefully collected and delivered to a facility that specialises in turning waste materials into granules of bio-based plastic. Philips Domestic Appliances uses these granules to create the Eco Conscious Edition range.

This manufacturing procedure decreases carbon dioxide emissions, water pollution, and overall resource utilisation, all of which contribute to environmental protection. The end result is a selection of standard kitchen appliances consisting of recyclable parts and sustainable materials.

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Help Philips put virgin plastics to rest with a Breakfast set made from used cooking oil and other plant waste. Used cooking oil can end up polluting the water and damaging our nature. But it does not need to be that way. In fact, used oil can become a resource – Bio-based plastics*. With this breakthrough innovation, Philips aims to avoid plastics made from fossil fuels and instead rely on what we already have.

​By using this Bio-based plastic in their Eco Conscious Breakfast Set, they contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, during production process, by 21%**. Using less and reusing more, as part of our plan that’s built to last.
** Calculation based on the production of same appliance using bioplastic vs 100% virgin plastic (or virgin polypropylene)

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Made for any home

With their collection’s modern and minimalist design, sustainability never looked so stylish. This nature-inspired range uses calm colours and natural materials and finishes that will look great in any kitchen.

Recycled materials
Believe it or not, but Philips converts used cooking oil and other plant waste into Bio-based plastics*. The speckles on their products are little imperfections created by this process. How cool is that!

Built to last, for everyday use
Philips not only produces sustainably, they produce to last. All our products are carefully manufactured with recyclable and durable material. 

Made to perform
Make every morning fast and efficient. Save time and limit your waste in the kitchen with the Philips Eco Conscious edition.

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