Should You Stack Your Washer and Dryer?

Should You Stack Your Washer And Dryer 2

An efficient laundry room can be a fantastic resource inside your home. If you want to make the best use of the space you may have considered stacking your washer and dryer. But, is this a good idea? In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and potential drawbacks of stacking your laundry appliances.

The Argument for Stacking:

If you have a front load washer and dryer, you’ll need to seriously consider the argument for stacking them. There are a number of reasons why this may be a good option for your laundry room. These include:

  • Make the Most of Small Spaces: If you don’t have the largest of homes, you may find that every square inch of your home needs to be put to work. When you have a small laundry room, being able to stack your appliances will free up floor space. With the average size of stackable laundry appliances averaging approximately two square feet, you can even have your appliances in a closet.
  • Efficient Cleaning: While a top loading machine may be the go-to in many homes, front loading washers actually use less energy and water. Rather than filling the whole drum with water, front loaders mix the minimal amount of water with the detergent for great cleaning performance and efficiency. Just bear in mind that if you choose a High Efficiency front loader, you’ll need to switch to a high efficiency detergent to avoid excess suds and cleaning issues.
  • Easier Access: If you have your washer on the bottom, with the dryer stacked above, it can be easier to remove the clothes. Whether you have a bad back or simply want to make life a little easier for yourself, stacking is a great option. With the space you have saved, you could even add a folding station to keep everything organized and neat.
  • Flexibility: If you like the idea of being able to rearrange your living space, stackable washer dryer sets provide superb flexibility. Most models can also be freestanding, so they can operate side by side. So, you’ll have the option to change your laundry room later if you prefer.

Why Stacking May Not be the Right Choice:

Although there are a lot of potential benefits, a stacking washer dryer set may not be the right option for your home. There are some potential drawbacks to consider before making your purchase decision.

  • Smaller Laundry Capacity: Since stacking washers and dryers tend to be more compact models, they will have a smaller capacity compared to top loading models. Standard washing machines have a 3-4 cubic feet drum, while the drum in a compact stackable unit is typically 2.5 cubic feet. It is possible to purchase larger capacity stacking units, but this will also have a larger footprint.
  • Higher Initial Cost: While compact front loading machines are smaller, they tend to carry a higher price tag. So, you’ll need to assess whether you prefer to save space or save money when you’re planning your laundry room.
  • Not Great for Shorter People: If you are a little on the shorter side, having stackable laundry appliances may not be a good option for you. While you may be able to reach the dryer, you may have difficulties getting stray items out of the back of the drum. Likewise, depending on the location of the lint trap, you may need to get a stool out each time.
  • Potential for More Maintenance: Front loading appliances are designed differently than the standard top loader. This means that front loading machines have more nooks where soap scum, mildew and mold can accumulate. This means that you’ll need to be diligent about wiping down the surfaces and deep cleaning your washer periodically.

If you’re considering a stacking washer and dryer set, you can explore the options with our online collection or speak to one of our home appliance specialists for further help.

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